Business Environment Mapping (BEM)
  Strategic   Operational   Tactical palvelut_sivu

Business environment management

• Establising business in Russia, Baltics  
  and CIS countries
• Security and risk endurance Strategy 


• Networks and partnerships

Process management and risk endurance

• Increasing transparency
• Enhanching effectiveness
• Integrating continuity

• Management support technology   



White papers and investigations

• Infrastructure and social development 

  from  security viewpoint in Russia and 

  CIS and EU

• Business Environments
• Companies and institutions
• Individuals

Management system development

• Organizational optimization
• Executive recruitment
• Personal evaluations
• Targeted personnel training and 



Security and risk management


• Information gathering and 

  analysis-methods and processes
• Holistic risk management thinking and

  actions (ERM)
• Risk management technology solutions


Threat management and problem solving services

• Threats against business - blackmail, 

   stalking, harrassment, embezzlement   

   and other misbehavior
• Threats against personnel

• Crisis Management